The Beginner’s Guide to the Flylady System

Whether you’re new here or you’ve been around for awhile, there is one thing you should know about me: my life used to be a complete mess. It all started with the mess of my house. I was so overwhelmed, and I had to change my habits. That’s when I found the Flylady system and fell in love!

So, let’s talk about the Flylady system, what it’s about and how it all works together!

Daily Routines

The first component of the Flylady System is daily routines. You need to get control of your daily routines and you’ll see huge improvements in your life, your house, and the amount of overwhelm you have! So, what does getting control of your daily routines look like? Well, yours might look different, but mine looks like this:

· Morning routine: make bed, get dressed (including shoes), swish & swipe (the bathroom), empty the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, check the calendar, and check your control journal (your to-do list)

· Afternoon routine: What’s for dinner? (plan dinner, pull out meat, etc), drink your water

· Evening Routine: set out clothes for tomorrow, check your calendar, launch pad, fold and put away laundry, two-minute hot spot, start dishwasher, shine your sink

The idea of daily routines is that you complete these tasks every day. While that may be the goal, that’s also perfection and here at the Secret Slob, we aim for progress. So, don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get them all done every day!

Daily Focus

The second component is Daily Focus. It’s to focus on something each day of the week. These focuses are pre-determined by the Flylady as to which task will be completed on which day. But, I think, if it doesn’t work for you, just cross it right off your list. Don’t make more work for yourself if you don’t have to. It looks like this:

Monday: Weekly Home Blessing Hour Change bed sheets, empty garbage, polish mirrors, dust, mop, vacuum. Spend 10 minutes per task and then stop (only complete these tasks in high traffic areas).

Tuesday: Plan and Pay Day. Pay bills, write cards, meal plan, file paperwork, arrange plans for the weekend or anything else coming up. Spend 5-15 minutes to complete all of these tasks.

Wednesday: Anti-Procrastination Day. Pick a nagging task and get it done. Spend about 5-15 minutes to complete all of these tasks! This is my favourite day for daily focus!

Thursday: Errands day! Grocery shopping and appointments. I know this is a day that might not work for everyone, so feel free to adjust based on what works for you and your family.

Friday: Car & Bag Day. Clean out your care and purse/bag. Tidy up garbage, take out items that aren’t needed, toss or file and receipts. Spend 5-15 minutes to complete these tasks.

Zone Cleaning

Next up is Zone Cleaning. You’re going to want to choose 5 zones in your home. Each week of the month is dedicated to a zone. Each day, you’ll spend 15 minutes completing the tasks listed for the zone. After that 15 minutes is done, you stop. Tomorrow, you pick up where you left off. If you don’t complete all the tasks in the zone by the end of the week, you finish it off the next month when you’re working on the zone. I know that might sound confusing, but I guarantee that once you get going with it, it will make sense, and you’ll make it make sense for your space!

Daily Mission and Emails

Another part of the Flylady system is the daily mission. This portion is completely optional, but she posts it every day on her website and it’s a 5-10 minute task that motivates you to get something done.

One more part of the Flylady system is the daily emails. Again, this portion is completely optional but it provides motivational quotes, tips, and tricks. It you’re feeling a little inbox-overload, feel free to skip it!

Putting a day together

So, what does all this look like when you put it into a day? Well, this is what my day looks like, the tasks I complete, and exactly how I execute it:

Morning: Make bed, get dressed, unload dishwasher, start laundry, swish one bathroom (this routine takes me under 22 minutes).

Afternoon: 15 minutes of zone cleaning, what’s for dinner, power tidy, daily focus (this takes me roughly 40 minutes).

Evening: Put away laundry, hot spot, set up launchpad, start dishwasher, shine sink (about 22 minutes).

In total, all these tasks take me roughly one hour and 20 minutes to complete. I don’t use all the tasks set out by the Flylady, but this is what works best for me, my family, and my house. I know it can seem overwhelming to try something new and switch routines, but it has made such a difference for me! I encourage you to try it out and make the system fit your life.


3 thoughts on “The Beginner’s Guide to the Flylady System”

  1. Hi Steph,

    I like your videos very much. Thank you for your time and your tricks.
    My house is still messy, but I get my routines within the last few weeks.
    But there is one problem that bothers me a lot: I find it difficult to deal with everything that has to do with hotspot cleaning and 15min declutter. I can’t do anything of these tasks. Not even 2 minutes!
    Do you have any tricks for me to start with decluttering and get this problem solved?

    Best, Sanne


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